Photo of <em>Dinophysis rotundata</em> by Tracie Barry, UWT

Photo credit: Tracie Barry, University of Washington Tacoma

Phytoplankton of the month — March 2018

Dinophysis rotundata

Dinophysis rotundata are small to medium sized armored dinoflagellates approximately 36-56μm long. The top of the cell (epitheca) is low and rounded. The side wing (left sulcal list) extends from one-half to three-quarters the length of the bottom portion of the cell (hypotheca). Chloroplasts are absent. Dinophysis rotundata are found in warm and cold waters. They produce dinophysistoxins and okadaic acid causing Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) in humans.

For more information see: A Taxonomic Guide to Some Common Marine Phytoplankton, by Rita Horner (Biopress Ltd. 2002

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