P. gracile by Brian Bill, NOAA P. micans by Brian Bill, NOAA
Left image: P. gracile; Right image: P. micans

Photo credits: Brian Bill, NOAA

Phytoplankton of the month — November 2015

Prorocentrum spp.

Prorocentrum are small to medium sized dinoflagellates with a theca (shell) made up of two lateral plates. The two species of Prorocentrum vary in shape- teardrop shaped with a rounded end (P. gracile) or a broad leaf shaped with a pointed end (P. micans,). Both have a small spine present on the anterior. Chloroplasts are present.

Prorocentrum are found in temperate to tropical waters.

For more information on Prorocentrum see:

A Taxonomic Guide to Some Common Marine Phytoplankton, by Rita Horner (Biopress Ltd. 2002)

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